Seafood Tambun Penang

Craving for seafood? Yeah, it’s been the same to me. I’ve been craving for seafood. Well, it’s been awhile since I last ate seafood and this time, I am so so so gonna post my Tambun Seafood post.

Yes, back in August, I went to Penang and on the way to island, stopped by Tambun and guessed what. Duh!!! Definitely seafood. Yup, known to be one of the famous seafood place in Penang, Tambun is the place. Don’t ask me the direct address though. I just know that it’s the nicest place to eat there.

snail balitong

What food is that? Edible??? Yes, they are snails, those edible types. It’s a delicacy in Malaysia, though some people don’t really know how to eat them. Basically you have to suck it out from the shell. Though remember not to fully suck it, there’s a part need to throw.

fried wanton

Well, when you’re enjoying seafood, what a better way to have fried wan ton with mayonnaise. Well, at least other than just seafood, something else brings refreshing things. But of course, all in all, the reason why a group of us went to Tambun was due to one of it’s famous dish. CRABS!!! Baked Crabs!!!

Baked Crab Tambun

Oh my…. the fine crabs. It was very appetizing though it was small compare to the White Crab in Perth. Well, anyway, I guessed if I were to go up to Penang once again, I will be dropping by Tambun first.

Seeing my own photos of this makes me hungry again. Guessed I got to go make my oat drink now. Best wishes to all of you. I know I haven’t been updating properly these few days. 🙂


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