Project 500 With a Vampire

Project 500 of was on at e@Curve (formerly known as Cineleisure) a week ago on a Sunday, 29nd November 2009. Well, those who came for the event were confused as to what is the event all about? As I was allowed to bring one guest to this event, so I called along Aaron Chua or known as AaronWoolala to tag along. The event even mentioned that there will be special celebrity that would be around to host the event.

Project 500 Billboard

We were greeted by this billboard at the front near the entrance of the cineplex and everyone there is clueless. Then suddenly everyone was rushed in to the cinema for the special briefing. Then this was what we saw on the front screen of the cinema.

Project 500 Main Screen

Oh… Hannah Tan is going to be the host of this event. Everyone is wondering now, and wondering what’s with Hannah Tan involving into something like Project 500. The cinema was dark, and then the hostess appeared.

Hannah Tan Briefing

Woots~~ Hannah Tan, in real life. Okay it was my first time seeing her ever since Astro Animax. A pretty face to start of with the event. Though the crowd is still clueless, what’s PROJECT 500? It is still not answered until 2 people came from the Project 500 Team and started the briefing.

Project 500 Managers

The two people in charge of the whole FAQ and Q&A session for the Project 500. There were tonnes of questions. Well, looks like we are gonna be beta testing their system which is a Social Media Aggregator (it means, you can now facebook, twitter, Yahoo Messenger, plurk, etc all in one) and that’s why they chose 500 people to do the testing. So those present were given a sneak peak.

Well, to say the least, the presentation was good, we had a view of the system itself. Though, testing it with 500 other people on the same server really isn’t a good idea though. That’s the IT side of view.

Though Project 500 did a surprise giveaway. One of the so called Elite 500 participants would walk with a HP Mini. Well, too bad though, I didn’t get it. That’s not all, we were given a treat to watch Twilight : New Moon.

New Moon Poster

Wondering what’s with 2 guys who went for the Project 500 going to be staying back watching New Moon, a so called romance story between a vampire and a human girl. This is so gay. Well, expectations weren’t high though. To those who have watched the movie, I would have said that there are 4 different perspective.

Twilight Parody

Practically I am at the point of “What We See“. Well, don’t want to say more, it might anger the Twilight fans. Though I wished that there was a twist in the story at some point. Is like that there won’t be anything to stop Edward Cullen(the vampire) to stay together with his so called human lover Bella Swan. I wondered what is so special about this movie until I read the sypnosis of the whole book in Wikipedia. Then all I wished for was another twist to the story. Then I think my wish was fulfilled when I saw this photo.

Jeng Jeng Jeng



Twilight Screw Bella

Photo from PoisonParadise

Woo hoo~~ Twilight : Screw Bella . Not for the faint hearted.

ps: Some of the photos above I didn’t bother putting any link there. Though if you would like to use them, do credit.

pss: the last 2 pictures ain’t mine. So no need to credit LOL.


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