Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon

On your marks get set go~~ It’s the F1 Race. Oh no wait, wrong topic. It’s the day when the Hot Air Balloon 2009 event that was happening in Putrajaya just a few weeks ago. So what about it? You didn’t know about it? I nearly couldn’t make it for this event as I got up later than usual and lucky a call from AaronWoolala managed to wake me up and off I fly to the place which took me 30 minutes from my housing area. What do you expect? Putrajaya, I need to go like 100km/h to 110km/h or 120km/h to reach there in that time.

Jeep Starting The Balloon

It looks like there are some balloons not up in the air yet when I reached there. Too bad I can’t enter the field though, but that’s where my trusty DX 55-200mm zoom lens come into handy. During daylight, no worries of lowlight condition, although I forgotten to set my ISO settings back to the lowest ISO. (oits…. too technical for non-photographer enthusiast).

The event was fantastic, I mean I don’t really get to see Hot Air Balloons in Malaysia as the place here is always full of rain and thunderstorms and yeah… rain and rain and rain. Now lucky it was a beautiful day and there’s hot air balloon to see. I was actually trying to be able to get to sit in the balloon though.

Hot Air Balloon Flying Off

Now look at the balloon going off, now look at the pitiful humans still staying down there. Darn, I wished I was in the balloon.

Up In The Air Hot Air Balloon

I want to fly up too. Why didn’t you take me oh Hot Air Balloon. But I think this is the MALAYSIAN team? If you noticed the first balloon, it has the flag of another country, GERMANY. Imagine yourself high up in the sky and looking upon minnows down there that look more like ants. Hahaha!! Self satisfaction, imagine you looking down on your boss. WAHAHA~~

Then just when I was feeling so enthusiastic of the balloon flying up in the air. Jess has to go and complain about the weather.

BlurJess feeling Hot

Aiks…. I better go run far far. But nevertheless, something that I just have to say.

HOT AIR – sweaty
Jess’s expression – Priceless
For anything else, there’s MasterCard.

Flying Man

So now I didn’t haveĀ  a chance to sit in the balloon, and all of a sudden few people went up flying with a fan propelled flying machine and all I get to do is watch and snap. Darn… I don’t even get to see myself in the photos. That’s why being a photographer is hard to get your own photos in it.

So to revenge, I put other photos of people without revealing their faces. How’s that?

Aaron and Jess DSLR check

Though I must say, this picture did turn out good. That’s why, keep checking DSLR. Hahaha!!

ps: woots…. I just got the news. Yossi Benayoun scored the winning goal for Liverpool in the last minute. Fulham 0 Liverpool 1.


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