My blog being BLOCKED?????

Oh my! What did I do to have my blog blocked? What did I meant by that? Yes, this blog the Weird Weird Denial is being blocked in the company I am assigned to.

That means I can’t access it, can’t moderate comments, can’t share my weirdness to fellow readers and random visitors and most of all, I can’t blog!!!!!

Restricted Access to

For those that can’t view the photo, here’s the whole thing in writing.

You have tried to access a web page which is in violation of TM internet usage policy. Your access has been monitored and recorded.

Category: Personal Relationships

To have the rating of this web page re-evaluated please log to Group It Service Desk

Funny thing though, it comes at the day when I was having the zeal to blog. Now what a funny day.


  1. suhaisweet June 10, 2010
  2. swei June 13, 2010

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