Blog Upside Down

Horror, on the first of January, what a way to start the new year! What I meant was I got this on my blog.

ERROR 404 : Page does not exist!!!!
Why Why???


Reason : My itchy hand go and play with the CPanel settings of my domain and twiddle with the Hotlinking part of it.
Outcome : Whole blog is in a mess. The main page displays but the other pages has a 404 error. Which means Page Not Found!!

So how did I solve it?

I went and backup my whole wordpress and database and the themes + plugin and reinstall a new fresh wordpress! Oh yeah, it took time what more with the DSL connection going down for 30 minutes. I was like spending my time reinstating back all the posts in Weird Weird Denial. I was lucky though it all went well, but I took up 2 hours to do that 🙁

Now after saying all this, I think it’s wise to backup all your stuffs just in case something happens to the server or to one’s configuration. I now do a fortnight backup on my database, which is a good practice. Well, using cronjob is the perfect way to do a backup!

Lesson : It’s always wise to have a backup plan, in case something else happens out of the ordinary!!!


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