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This will be part of my randomness. Well, I am now without a laptop for 2 days and I felt I am missing something. Well, not used to using a PC to do modifications to my blog. Well, with bigger keyboards and separate monitor, it feels weird. OK, maybe I am the odd one.

Without my tools and Photoshop and my photos, I can’t really do anything, all my photos are in my brother’s external hard drive which he brought along. So I missed Saturday’s Photo Hunt which usually without fail would be posted.

Anyway, I’ve decided to change to a 2 column blog for this time. Yeah, it’s just that I felt I could take photos and post it on the blog. Will be better to have more photos than to have limited space about 500px previously. Well, I promised that the following posts, there will be more photos to look at.

What Are My Plans Right Now?
Hmm…. well, definitely to finish redesigning my blog into better SEO friendly. Now with more time for this week, more things to study this time around. Anyway what are your views on my banner, my layout. Previously this theme was a 3 column theme, which I’ve remodified into a 2 column. Well, 2 columns are better for me though now.

Oppps.. a miss call on my mobile. Looks like it’s time for me to get prepare to go out to have my daily supper. Hehehe…. cya peeps


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