Langkawi Part 2 – People

Langkawi didn’t just have nice scenery or rather scenes to take photos of. What fun is there if one just go to Langkawi island all alone to take photos without a bunch of crazy people. Those you can play and go crazy and “siao siao” (lunacy) with. Now admiringly there are 9 of us and this is where the fun started.

Eagle of Langkawi

There was a day where we went for eagle watch on one of the days. For those that visited my facebook album from the previous post, you would know that it’s not easy capturing them with just a 200mm lens. Budget required for 400mm lens. So why not this mighty eagle serve it’s purpose instead.

So just who were the crazy gang? Let’s get them into the picture.

Crazy Langkawi Gang

Now how many people do you see there? 7 or 8? (Thought it was 9, duh… Daniel is the one taking this photo) Well, all getting ready to pose for the camera. Some loves to pose with their back exposed like the 2 white shirted people. Wonder what they were thinking? It’s totally weird, wondering why the rest are ready and only 2 people posing like that. Hee… hee…

Do you actually see the 8th person in the photo? Well, if you don’t see him/her there, the next photo might reveal what that person was planning to do when he first stepped into the Island of Langkawi.

Hamsap William at Langkawi

Now you know why he loves Langkawi! All for the wrong reason. So WTF right? The rest of us took photos of ourself while he go chat up the white chick at the background. (pun intended… person in the photo please don’t kill me) WAHAHAHA!!!

That was Day 1 and yes, the day past by so fast without doing much. Day 2 was slightly better and more things to witness. It was meant to be a full day activity filled. It was also meant to be the day to buy all the alcohol one needed. For example I bought Absolut, Baileys and a Red Wine. Oppps.. and I just found out I have in stock 3 Baileys at home. (I seriously didn’t know)

Remember that guy above with the orange shirt. Somehow I found someone else with Orange too. Try to guess who. It’s none other than Mr Ma Lao.

Huh?? Who???

Have a look below…



Lonely Monkey

Ta Dah~~~~~ Orange Coat with a long black tail. Hohoho… look alike or not? Wahh~~~~~

Okay does this count as people? Not really!

Forgotten to mention, first day was actually fun. When we were a few hundred meters above sea level. Right on top the Hanging Bridge of Langkawi. Though it’s more of like a sky bridge. This is where Daniel makes his appearance. Well, I should be appearing in my blog right?

Bridge Slumber Post

Damn… I look so plain. So bored. So not attractive. Of course, because I wanted to make the scenery looks nicer. (What rubbish!!!) It was a magnificent sight to behold, seeing how high we were. So high, we can actually do bungee jump if there was actually one in Langkawi. Just too bad that there ain’t one.

But what I like about this bridge and it’s wide and vast background is that one can pose for the camera. Now how about a pose? Well, who else to do the pose but with Yen.

Pose Photo

Nice leh 😛 Don’t jealouse can. Both also expert in posing. XP

Heeee… what do you think about the photo? Of course it’s way way way nicer if you compare to the above photo with the one below. The one below is one photo which I wouldn’t want to get caught taking for real. If you’re in my situation, you will understand.

GGP William


That’s the same guy with the orange shirt and look at what he’s doing now? OMG~~~~ Help me please.

ps : Seriously all photos taken and things wrote here are meant for fun and laughter and to make it look weird. Especially photos with William (yes that guy with the Orange shirt)

I can almost hear my saviours coming to help me, devising a plan to help me out from this problem. Just look at how serious they’re discussing. THe plans, the thoughts, the deep in thought posture, all to help me out from this situation. Way to go girls.

Female Gang of Langkawi

HELP IS ON THE WAY. JUST NEED TIME TO DISCUSS (don’t take too long though)

Before I even know it, there seems to be a solution. Finally the answer is out. They’ve found the solution, none other than one of the crazy gang in Langkawi. None other than our very own eyebrow guy, our Aaron Braces Guy.

Look what he did to save me?

AaronWoolala With Seducing Tshirt

What a good plan. A good message to send. Hee hee hee…. (Aaron don’t kill me also).

So there we have it, photos to see how much fun we had in Langkawi. There are lots of other photos which I haven’t finished uploading and I believe Facebook will be having loads of it. To end this hilarious make believe post, I shall present to you a photo, with dialogue amongst the people who went with Daniel to Langkawi.

Busy Scene Act in Langkawi

What a day we all had!

Signing off now. It’s 2:33am.

Never thought that I could conjure something up like this, but that’s where my weirdness come into place. So do stay tune in the coming future for more posts from the Weird One. Adios.


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