Langkawi Part 1 – Landscape

The smell of the sea, the sight of sun, beach and girls. This sentence reminds me of baywatch (some old series that I used to see when I was like in primary school). Well, too bad though, there won’t be any baywatch girls to see this time around. Keep it for the next visit. This time though, it’s time to revisit my past escapades to an island in Malaysia, Langkawi Island. The place known because it’s tax free.

Langkawi Beach

First day upon landing at Langkawi with my flight ticket, it is as usual with a bunch of photography enthusiasts, non-stop shooting. The sky was partly right, with a bit of haze on some of the days.

It was scorching hot, but you will see many foreigners (from the west) do their sunbathing under the glorious sun. It was so bright and hot, there are even those who have their skin peeled off. Wonder how they can stand sunbathing under the sun with peeled-off skin and all the pus?

Lonely Beach Volleyball Sand Court

It was too hot, till no one plays at the beach volleyball court. Well, what can one expect when it’s like 11am in the morning. Most of Day one was spent taking photos of scenery, looking for a perspective to shoot. At times Daniel wished he owned a UWA (Ultra Wide Angle) lens, let’s say a 10-20mm Sigma to capture the great scene.

Sandy Stand Langkawi

Having to make do with what he has, that’s the best he can offer (Well, that’s where the ads in here helps to contribute to this fund). Seemingly, being Daniel’s first time on Langkawi island, he expected the sort of island like Redang, Perhentian and Lang Tengah only to find that this island is drivable. Well, of course if one doesn’t count Penang as an island though. The sea might not be as blue, might not have load of corals but the one thing Langkawi has got to offer is the duty tax free on it’s alcohol beverages and chocolates.

Back to the point, you never know how crazy one looks at different things while taking photo of objects and things. Surprisingly, sometimes certain things which are common are such good things to shoot at. Take for example the following picture.

Fire Hydrant

Yup, it doesn’t show anything it’s got to do with Langkawi, but took this just for the fun of it.

Too bad Daniel can’t really recall the name of the specific places in Langkawi, but pictures taken are meant to be shared for viewing. Of course remember to give credit where’s due.

Resting Place

But looking at some of these photos would not tell you what or the beauty of Langkawi. They are merely landscapes of location which one has got to experienced it on their own to see whether it was all a gimmick or not.

To say the least, this trip was made possible due to Satkuru‘s help and with the co-ordination of Jessica The Blur One. It’s already 1:43am and I am still wide awake writing this nonsensical post which actually has nothing to write about but just for looking thru the photos.

Langkawi Bridge Structure

To some it’s like a different side of Langkawi. People keep relating Langkawi to beaches. Daniel instead decided why not include the whole package altogether.

By the way, there are more photos to be viewed. To see more of it, visit my Facebook Photo Album Here.

Guessed it’s time to sign off. It’s getting late. *poof*

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