Tale of The Mynah

2 months back, Daniel had a journey to the north, toward the island of Langkawi, there are many adventures out there. Many things to talk about but then that would be another story.

Instead this will be a story of a Mynah. What is a Mynah? A Mynah is a bird, a species that can fly. Well, here is this fella’s tale of adventure when Daniel set foot on his own turf at the beach. Mynah saw Daniel there and became annoyed!

Angry Annoyed Mynah

Mynah seems pretty annoyed as Daniel closes in to take it’s photo. Daniel then proceeded to back away a little, thinking that in that distance it was at a safe distance to shoot Mynah at work only to be…..


Warghhhh~~~ serious case, it’s opening it’s beak to warn me. Time to go off.

Mynah Cursing

Daniel thought to himself, “What an ANGRY bird!

Lesson to be learnt : Never ever make a bird angry, it come straight at you barking!

Notes from the author : Story was made up, no one’s bird was harmed in the process


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