Quiting Blogging?

You know after awhile, I find that maybe I just not that weird anymore. I just not that unique anymore. I have even thought of quitting blogging in this blog. Well, after I found out something, I felt that there’s no use for me to blog anymore. Every little thing also people will know. Sometimes people take shots of the time you weren’t ready. Sometimes people think you are doing something bad.

They even found out that I look like a total crap. Just for a candid shot, my face look fat, I don’t have a nice hairstyle, and yes I look fat on photos at certain angle. Yes, I am not your typical kind of guy. Heck even a bird looks much better than me that they could laugh.

See birds are so pretty, they stand out. This really got on my nerve. I feel that if I see that freaking bird again, I will make it into Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Serves The Bird Right!!!!!

I can’t stand it when I am taken for something I am not. I don’t look at things like that. When you try to do something, you’re being taken like you’ve got something to hide. Take an instance, the photo below. Some people have different perspective as to what the next photo portrays.

I wonder how long more till I am able to smile like this photo which was taken years back.

Not so much dark circles and a cheerful face. Is this what I was? Time to get some eye mask! Tomorrow I am hitting the gym, oh wait, I am hitting the gym on Friday!

So with all these in hand, should I actually quit blogging here? Maybe it’s time to start a new identity and be someone I am not. Someone who is more evil or someone who is much more quiet, anti social or maybe someone who goes out everywhere and joining a social group activity anytime he can find. I haven’t club properly in Malaysia, maybe I should be like that. Total 180 degrees change, you wouldn’t recognise me anymore as the same Daniel that once graze upon this blogging world.

ps : Woo hoo~~~ my first emo post in the year 2010???


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