Fetish Alert

Lions they feed on flesh! Is just so direct. But what about humans???

Humans, they feed on flesh.. ehh.. wrong, I mean, humans! They feed on desires, wants, needs. Fetishes alert!!!! *red alert*. Just when you wondered what’s this all about, you’ll see the latest news on the Internet, the newspapers, magazines.. Oh my! But then so what are we dealing with? Let’s talk about fantasies!

It’s weird, feelings of a human being is somewhat uncontrollable. I have asked a few guys this question, What would you do if a girl which you knew somehow enters your room *applicable to roommates* then somehow UNDRESSES!!!! OMG!!! So what you gonna do? Most of them just stood there flabbergasted O_o, seriously not sure how to answer that. OK OK… maybe cause I asked them in the midst of a few of us which consist of both guys and girls… HAHAHA!!

Singles will most probably say, woo… ok alright.. But then when this question was asked towards someone already in a relationship, they are indeed clueless and with their own conscience, I bet they feel guilty. But but… of course man has no control over their little didi below. It rises up the flag pole for whatever reason to cause it to be arouse. *Let’s skip this part ok!*

So what do you think of your own fetishes? Well, we’re all humans and we sometimes have to exercise self-control. Who doesn’t? Even if you’re dieting, self-control is indeed a powerful factor, right? So all those who have some thoughts to share, say ‘Aye!!’

Added : After looking thru, it doesn’t matter if it’s really fetishes abnormal sexual desires, but let’s start talking about normal sexual desires which sometimes is unexplainable 😛

What’s your point of view?


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