Daniel Runs With The Wild Zoo Negara

Finally, after what seemed like just a week ago, it has finally ended and the run is still fresh in my mind. Not knowing why did I actually wanted to run at first, maybe it was just because I just had too much time. But then looks like I came out of it alive. It was a very tired run. Yes I ran for the Zoo Negara Wild Wild Run 2009.

It all began with me thinking, oh yeah, Zoo Negara is just a very short round. Little did I know, I can’t even get myself to run one whole lap non stop without gasping for air. That’s how unfit I was. Well, partly due to I got the confirmation to join this run 5 days before. So it was a bit expected.

I am glad though I took up this running hobby and sport. It helps myself to keep fit. Yes~~ totally UNFIT.

Running Enthusiasm

See me running in this kind of shape. I was darn darn tired. Oh man, this shot doesn’t show me what number I was. Look at all the other runners. They’ve finished the race, while I am still running. Noooo…..

But what’s done is done, I can even lose to someone elder than me. Look young but have the stamina of someone apek. *cries*

Pacing With The Cyclist

I was pacing with the cyclist towards the finish line. Determination.. determination was what I needed and to have something to push me was what I needed. Looks like I still have some leg muscles to spare.

Then I decided let’s give myself a push to finish the race in the best possible time. I felt happy that the finish line will just be a few metres away. And then a final shot of victory for achieving the final finish line. Though my face shows more sign of relief instead of joy. HAHAHA!!

Finally Reached The Finish Line

The photos above are thanks to pmtey2.multiply.com for taking these shots so I could use them. I shall remember this as my first running that was done out of school curicullum. So what was my result. I got 2nd from last in my age group with a time of 68’27. For a first time runner, I think I can do better than that. But nevertheless the most important thing is to finish the race and finish the race I did. The token of finishing the race.

Wild Wild Run Finisher Medal

Presented with a Zoo Negara Wild Wild Run 2009 Finisher Medal. Now what more can I ask. I just had a few jog training these few days to build up my stamina and I can tell you what’s next on my plan. I am going to try to participate in the next race which is the Orange Run in the following month. Well, wish me luck. But all activities won’t be good enough without a group photo to commemorate the event.

Wild Wild Run Group Photo

wild wild run group photo

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Now how can I say no to a next run. Look at the amount of people there. Looking forward to my next zoo run next year.

ps : I had to attend a wedding dinner during night time on the same day. Now how tired can I be!


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