MIFC Fireworks Finale Putrajaya

What can I say? Indeed it was a crazy night when I first stepped onto the photoshoot event of capturing the night of the fireworks finale at Putrajaya. What is worse is actually reached there about 7:30pm and the best available place was already taken. So my expression was like “Huh??? The event’s at 10pm and the place is already full of people.”

The Story

It happened on a Friday night, I was literally waiting for time to strike 5pm so that I could meet Fattien and gang in Sri Petaling and in the end, the meetup was changed to Bandar Kinrara. That’s where I got to meet the rest of them which is AhKwong, HungWei and Eugene. So after some yamcha/dinner session it was off to Putrajaya. Darn fast right, my story is so not interesting at all.

The Shots

Nothing much to say, just enjoy the shooting. Well, that’s why you came here for right.. LOL

By the way the finale is not by Team Australia as reported on the MIFC home site, but a collaboration of fireworks show of few teams.

The Location of MIFC

Arrived at 8:30am and I was standing at PICC and book my selected location. Well, since I couldn’t have a direct view, there I am instead.

Greetings Fireworks

It was just starting and this was the time focusing was set. The first few lights shooting from below.

Blue Fireworks

Ending Fireworks

At least some different colors, well, as a matter of fact, seeing that I don’t have my own remote shutter release, I decided I just have to make do with an exposure of 2 to 3 seconds shot. The next time, I will indeed get one.

Cars Packed Night Scene

The end of the show, cars are finally going out and moving back. Lucky for a few of us, we stayed back and just enjoy the view from above. Just to avoid the darn traffic.

Guessed what else we did, or rather what some people did??

3 hot girls

Maybe one day we should go for more of these events. Here’s the whole group….

Group Photo Fireworks

The final group photos.. Lotsa photographers and why am I the only one not looking at the camera. Darn…… must be a hot chick walking thru. 😛

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