Spain Fireworks Display Putrajaya

This time after a year I owned my Nikon D40, well I was a noob that time, not knowing how to use the camera, it’s time to come back to the time when I first started to use my gadgets which was last year’s MIFC (Malaysia International Fireworks Competition). Yes, ever since that time, I was just picking up photography and the results are so bad, I don’t even dare to put up on the website.

That’s why it’s now a different story. Bring forward a year and now it’s back to where it was. I am now in Putrajaya or rather Cyberjaya covering the Spain Team Firework Display and due to lateness of going to the event, a group of us decided to take photos from a very distant location.

Shooting Location of MIFC

Yes, that’s how far we were from the location. The one in blue is the PICC (Putrajaya International Convention Center) and the one in yellow is the bridge that shoots the fireworks. Most photographers are at PICC while a few of us are way off from there.

So in due respect, here are the shots of the Spain team and damn the strong wind and rain on that day.

The First Fireworks

The wind, just look at the smoke and you’ll see where’s the wind direction coming from. I believe these are not good shots, but since this is a blog and not a portfolio, why not? *though a blog is also a portfolio* LOL

A Wind Blowing Fireworks

Hmm.. distorted well, I didn’t have a remote shutter release, so most of the photos you see here are just a distant 2 to 3 second shutter release shots. šŸ™‚

One Crazy White Firework

But though the wind might affect the photos, there’s always improvision to help display the art of fireworks. Not that I don’t enjoy shooting them, I was actually shooting the fireworks with newspapers as rain coverings and that got my gear partly wet. Lucky it was only a Nikon D40 and not the proposed D300 that I am going to get in the coming months.

Strong Wind Single Firework

Well, looks like that’s all I can showcase for team Spain in the Fireworks competition. I was practically packing my gear due to the heavy rain and running towards the car towards the end of the show.

I promised you the finale would be better shots. I still got lots to learn.

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