Daniel Hiatus on a Coffee Break

Some slight fixes and upgrades were done for https://danielctw.com. Few fixes are done in terms of getting my feedburner to display it correctly. Well, after Google bought over Feedburner, I had some error with some of my feeds and one of them is that people can’t subscribe to my Feedburner using email. TRY it, it WORKS now.

Finally fixed it. These few days have been very hectic and problematic. At times I don’t really know what I am doing and maybe due to that fact, I’ve also felt a little unwell and got myself into a slight fever.

Old Town White Coffee

It looks like I won’t be getting myself more into the Carlsberg fever but more towards Coffee these few days instead. At least the caffeine does the job. Coffee Break…

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  1. SaeWei March 1, 2009

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