Wedding of Christy on Monday

It was a night to remember for my ex-colleague in one of my longest serving company. I wished Christy and her husband a bright future. Well, coming from me who has been there like 4 years ago. Woots… time pass but hope the friendship stays yeah. As expected many ex-colleagues were there and it was more like a gathering of friends.

So to cut the long story short, presenting the couple.

Christy Wedding Couple

I didn’t really take any other shots that day, since I wasn’t the official photographer but just to shoot for fun. But nevertheless, I did take a few other shots with former colleagues too.

Glass on Table

Wondering Glass…. Perhaps it’s time to show some human photos.

Me and Janice Ex-Colleague

A close ex-colleague. I think we’re tired from working eh… especially I came straight to office. She’s momentarily single, so anyone needs to know her, come come send me your resume. 😛

Need more randomness, it was a lazy day and yes, I am still tired from yesterday’s function. Now see what happens if you don’t come again to my site?







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Till then adios, I am going to get some food.

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