Piggyfied The 2 Crazy

It all started at a crazy time in office. Daniel felt he got nothing to do. Or rather he was too lazy and too tired and needs some entertainment. This is where he takes his leisure time and look at his MSN list.

Then see nothing nice to see.. *potong stimz* so he turned to his Google Reader to look for any interesting blog post, till he chanced upon this blog post about Hornication. Daniel was like OMG.. that’s so unbelievingly funny. From Horny talk into a new name, the hornification. What a way to start a day and it looks like aL was publishing what Ryu said.

Though it seems that it doesn’t end there. Why? Because Daniel went to MSN Ryu who then suddenly created a whole new blog entry which was very ‘mempersiasuikan’ and =_= this time Daniel was involved. Well, not to mention, it’s time to run off and hide and pretend nothing has happened.

Surprisingly fast though, aL found out and got another one up her sleeves. Daniel knows he seldom talked during the day due to extreme workloads <– Yeah right.. so he was pawned by this post, or rather maybe aLi was pawned, ahhh.. whatever..

But it’s good to know that Daniel have great friends along this blogosphere, talking crazy stuffs. Well, what can Daniel say about them, Ryu is a very ‘big size’ girl while aL is a very ‘tall’ girl.

Beware of aLi though, she has the power to sihamified you. This time I shall piggyfied you!!!!



ps : Can’t catch the slang and the terms used, they’re more or less personal slangs. By the way in case you’re wondering what’s a Google reader? You can start by subscribing here for more updates.

pss : It’s been awhile since I wrote a post without photos, and it sure was breathtaking. It’s just like old Daniel style blog.

psss : darn it… stop writing nonsense….. finish it off already.


  1. Ryu October 16, 2008
  2. aL October 16, 2008
  3. SaeWei October 16, 2008

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