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When I first had my mind on Weird Weird Denial, my aim was to write anything that’s weird around the neighborhood and to tell the world about it. Even weird sightings and stuffs. Then it all changed ever since I got myself into photography. No more long long articles, no more rantings, no more stupid one liners that used to grace this blog which basically runs about the life of Danielctw.

Well, to say that I missed my old blogging style would be lying to myself. But to say that I don’t welcome my new style of blogging would be like having a headshot.

Daniel's Weird Expression

Now why would I suddenly prompt myself to write something like this. Here’s a text message I received from one of my online friends that has been reading my blog for 2 years ++. Make it 3 years I guessed.

Nowadays selcome see you post up life stories, mostly photo or ads. (warghh… really?). how’s life? Busy with your new job or spending time with gal

Now what am I to say to this loyal reader of mine, I must say I am indeed very sorry that I’ve been too busy at work, too indulge in trying to create a whole new different blogging mindset. Those days I can even blog about what did I do, what adventures as in what other secret things one can do…. even crazy life stories that just happen just like that.

Well, after replying the latter, I’ve got another reply.

Well, sometimes it’s good to not post up life stories, keep it private 🙂
Just write what you like and try to snap more lengluis (pretty gals) for cuci mata (cleansing to the eyes)..

So in actual real fact, what this guy wants was just to say hello and actually asked me to post more photos of girls… =.=” In other words, he’s telling me not to post photos of myself already. Nooooo… well, thank you, and even though this message is funny and it does have its’ points.

Danielctw Squat Pose

Fear not, I am now active in taking photoshoots and I have prepared something in store for the upcoming posts.

SideNote : Here are some birthday wishes I got which are really good to quote, minus the sarcasm.

Birthday Wish 1
Happy Birthday! =) wakaka.. Older liao, ah pek! So, going to celebrate ma?

Birthday Wish 2
Somebody is getting a year older this day. Hence our friendship is getting old, too. Happy blessed birthday, brother. May the good Lord bless u always 🙂

Birthday Wish 3
Finally one with a MMS greeting. Thanks for this too 🙂

It’s now 1:08am and here I am blogging, I should be sleeping now and waking up at 6am later 🙂

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