3U Restaurant

danielctw‘s food finding has brought to a new place

So it’s time for another makan time. Well, seriously during lunch time, danielctw and colleagues are having very little options. It seems that it’s time to find a new place to eat.

Well, then so we drove all the way to Taman Taynton to have our lunch. Guess what we found. A new eating place that was just open I think slightly a few months or so to speak. Why not? Oh ya… so called beef dishes, for those that don’t eat beef, no problem. There are prawns and chicken.

ps: For those that don’t know where is Taman Taynton, it’s opposite Leisure Mall in Cheras area. *requested by Lehbit*

So where’s this place?

Nice catchy name. Restoran 3U but in chinese it’s called ?? (3 Friends) ho ho ho… I betcha the owner are 3 good friends opening this makan spot.

Menu… woo look at the food. Ok la, I was looking at the beef dishes. He he…

Mix Beef Noodle
So I took my first order, of course I order the mix beef one. Got stomach and meat la. Got beefball also. He he.. sorry ya, I know a few of you all don’t eat beef. But of coz for those that eat,
sure I tell you very the shiok one.

Beefball Noodle
Fuiyoh.. nice beefball mee. The soup is delicious, kinda sweet. So in the end, a few of us ordered one bowl of meatball. Fuiyoh…

ok ok… I think I shouldn’t talk more. Want to know where, go to Tmn Taynton and it’s one of those shop houses. If I know the address I will post it out later.


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