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These past few days, for those that follow me on my travels and adventures will know that it’s been quite a posh life. Eating and dining at specific places which sometimes might drain my positive cashflow if I keep on doing it over and over again. Well, some of the places that I ought to think back was the one in The Green Room. Yes, for a starter, The Green Room is a Japanese Restaurant, though I ain’t gonna elaborate much of it, so here’s a close shot of part of the food I’ve ordered.

Sashimi Set
The Sashimi Set, raw raw fishes

Even going to places like Soul’ed Out, nice experience, drunk that test tube margarita which was kind of like something new to me. Well, sometimes my passion to look for food and new places to eat drives me places. Even when I had my Sushi Zen a couple of months ago, yes, Japanese food which gives me flavor. I must say, most of my $$$ has gone to food and also on traveling. Even my parents has enquired me to lower down my spending power. Well, I am a slave to food and travel I guessed, but looks like something has to be done.


There are tonnes and many more places which I have gone to eat, but of course not everything is ‘bloggable‘ as the camera is not always 24/7 around with me. Someone suggested to me a solution, is that to cut down on my food searching quest. Well, I think I might do that. But if you know me, I eat almost everytime I can find time to. Seriously, for my size, you wouldn’t have thought I have this appetite, but then I guessed I am.

Now if I don’t stop this, I will have to buckle my pants and then maybe sit on my underwear waving myself and begging on the street. I guessed I just have to rely on mamak food for now.

Mee Goreng Mamak
Yes!! Only Mee Goreng Mamak(Mamak Fried Noodle) with Bullseye Egg on Top

So there you have it, recently been eating too much mamak food, with my favourite teh tarik, kopi O, horlicks. A side effect though, I’ve been putting on weight on certain places which I don’t want to put on. Damn tummy, looks like it’s back to exercise for me!!!

ps : I guess I bore you to reading this, but it’s a motivational thingy for me! 

pss : In reality, I just want to go for my next mamak session!!! Ho ho ho, just back from mamak also!!


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