Hairs of The Weird

When you’re in the office on the Friday night and it’s way past 12am, what do you do? You camwhore when you need a mind off work for awhile. Well, so far I think that’s the best remedy now.

Don’t believe me, try doing it. But then I also took this opportunity to take photos due to me planning to cut my hair on Sunday. Yeah…. need to start cutting it neat and tidy. So without further ado, since I haven’t really posted my photos for a very long time, let the photo talk the show.

This is me on my everyday life. Look what work did to me later.

I went deranged and couldn’t think, so I get all messed up. Don’t I look like a Korean actor. Hehe.. Then…..

I decided to let ‘down’ my hair… What a way to save the day. Though on Sunday, I finally decided to cut my hair and this is the result.

OMG!!! All my pics, I can’t smile. Sorry, that’s just the way I am. 😛

So saying so, what other styles I should do, though I haven’t really try spiking it before, wait, I think I did once. So you have it, a true camwhore post. Don’t say I didn’t post any of it ya…. I know some of you asked me to.

ps : the last photo taken by a proper camera, the first 3 photos were taken by my Samsung D510 phone.


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