Fishing My Way To Made Of Honor

What have I been doing? No, I still remembered that I have a Sabah Tour post to show to you guys. Well, anyway sometimes it just isn’t my day to post cause I can’t get my photos which are put onto another laptop. Well, since I can’t post those photos, I went and did something unusual. Yes, I went fishing. Well, fishing for a chance to win a dinner for two and a movie screening.

Recently Nuffnang (yes that same web organization that gave me the free tickets to watch Pirate of the Caribbean) started a new event. Yes, all it says is just play a game and you get a chance to win a chance. Huh… I’ve been fishing too many times few years ago, that it’s my fate that I should start fishing online. What movie?

Made Of Honor
Now who can forget Patrick Dempsey from his previous love fairy tale Enchanted

So, with my real life fishing skills, I went and played my first game with a dreaded low 9k points. Hmm… if only all fishes are as nice as this.

Imagine the fishes all afraid of me. Not wanting to relax and give up, I think I finally got one of my highest score. Though I wonder, if it is enough.

Is this enough? Haha… not sure because I saw someone got higher marks than me, but what the heck, is just a game to be enjoyed. Oh yeah, that doesn’t mean you can’t play the game too. If you really want to know where I got this info, it’s all written over here which the whole game is organized by Hong Leong Online.

Update : Yes, after one try today, I’ve beaten my previous score. Wheeee……..

Though seriously I think I need a partner too. Haha.. let me worry for that later though. 😛


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