Creating a Template

Yes, people who are here. When the year ends and the new year begins, I will most probably be writing and creating blog templates for wordpress or blogspot here. Well, seeing that since it’s a new year and I have acquired my programming skills very fluidly, why not just do something like a blog theme for everyone to download and share.

Why Am I Doing This?

Well, it’s time for me to start giving something for the internet community. It’s also a way to express my capabilities in the Internet world. I’ve learnt a lot since I started blogging since year 2003 and it’s time for me to start something too.

Perhaps the first few themes that I am going to create might be deem simple, but I will try to improve every now and then. Well, in everything there’s always the first time and people improve over time eh.. So I will also test it out on my blog if it’s suitable and you might be able to leave comments regarding this.

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