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Those who known my blog and have been following my blog, will know that I started blogging way back 4 years ago. Well, then after awhile a domain was registerd and then found out that one can earn while blogging by writing articles. Those days blog were full of paid posts that there’s no meaning to the blog.

So then that’s how I started doing PayPerPost and boy, that’s how I earn my first money from the Internet. After like 3 years after I signed up for PayPerPost, it looks like Weird Daniel (the blogspot version) has finally appeared on the Blog Of The Day on PayPerPost website.


Yes, that person is me, and though this is another blog link. But at least I finally made it to the Blog of The Day. Though the one above me seems to be familiar Huei Song. Thank you to ChristinaYY for telling me that I had one of my blogs being blog of the day too.

So What Have I Learnt From PPP

I’ve learnt that Google doesn’t really like PayPerPost. Well, for starters, they penalised lots of blogger for doing deliberate paid posting. For example, my website has a potential of being PageRank 3 with the amount of inbound links. But due to PPP, Google has decided to clear me from PageRank and I was PR0 for the past 1 year. That sucks right?

Secondly, it helps me to brush up my writing skills. Period.

Third, I can’t think of anything. Oh yeah, it made me less weird. (pun intended)

As for now, I don’t think I’ll be doing lots of paid posting until there’s a suitable topic and related to lifestyle.

ps: Yes, the photos will come soon. I know some of you are waiting for photo posts. Be patient.

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