OverExpose With UnderExpose

Overexposed?? Underexposed?? Huh? What does Daniel possibly wanted to say? How can someone be overexpose or underexpose?? If your mind is not as “pure” as mine then you will think too far. Haha!!! Seriously, I think that people will get the idea that for someone normal, this is what they call underexpose!

Exposed Swimsuits

Yeah yeah, I know this is a bad comparison. LOL!!! but you get the picture!! I know you people got more overexposed pictures, but due to the nature of my blog, I am trying to keep it clean like how I innocently feel.

What I am talking is about photography! Especially DSLR users, those 40D, 350D, 400D, A700, A100, D40, D80, D300 users, I guessed you guys/gals know about it already. They both create horrible pictures, with colors running out. But here I am going to say, if your pictures underexposed, there’s still a way to save it. Overexposed pictures tend to be hard to modify due to the bright lights. Don’t get it, here’s an example!

Exposed Photography

Now you know these basics, so what can you do?? But sometimes taking these shots can produce magnificent shots too. For example, who would have thought that the two pics above would be in the blog someday! But if you really would love to save those photos, Adobe Photoshop can help in a minor way!

So if you have a camera, no matter how bad the photo, sometimes it comes out good. Just don’t too over over expose with full white, that’s like taking nothing though!!

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