5 Great Pose Models

A few days, or rather a few months back.. hmm wait.. it was only a month, a few of us watch a few freaking movie and one of them is a DROP IQ kind of movie which was Disaster Movie. Disaster Movie, more or less like Meet The Spartans, and Super Hero Movie.

Yes I meant this disaster movie. From Batman to Ironman, Kungfu Panda, Enchanted…. etc etc.. now if you have lots of this character into one movie, of course it will be a disaster. You will love the Chipmunks in this movie. LOL…. Let me tell you why. It’s because of the Chipmunks in this movie (Alvin, Simon & Theodore) that we are so crazy over it that we prompt to act them out in our pose for the day, or rather pose for the post in this blog. *sweats*

Post Disaster Movie Chipmunks Wannabe

ROARRRRRRR~~~~~~~ The Chipmunks gang turn killer. You really got to watch the movie to be able to understand why!! By the way, from left, Wendy, Jane, Me (duh..), Aaron & William. Haha.. all are great in making faces. But what the heck, this is all for fun, and yes, this photo was PP (post-processed a lot) for the fun of it.

Because of this, we all can’t stop posing and if you were to know where we were, you would know this place is great for poses, during the wee hours of the night. Just to let you know, that doesn’t mean we can’t stand normally and pose like we are some cool guys and girls around the block.

5 Pose Models

The cool factor, there’s what we are. But due to this, we decided that it’s time for more coolness and shockness to be added into the poses. Thus lie our destiny to look more dramatic.

Here lies the 5 Great Pose Models.

Awkward Poses

Now since you’ve just witnessed our poses, I can help you in your poses, if you would love to hire a pose guide. LOL… Just call 1-800-HIRE-A-POSE-GOD and you’ll know that you got nothing to lose, maybe except your personal privacy on my blog.

Wait I find out more poses for you guys out there. Now who would win the best pose award? You guys/gals decide!


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