HairStyle Revolution

“Babies are adorable… well, because they don’t have hair at first.”

What gives, well, you can say that again, same to your puppies when they first had little hair and most will be saying… wooots… look at those cute cute puppies, I want to hug them. So you know, that’s why when they’re very young, they’re adorable.

During primary school, most students have to cut their hair short and to be wary of the discipline teacher around. So it’s like shorter hair –> short hair –> okay length hair. Well, that’s true for the beginning part, though I don’t think I seem to follow that trend any longer thanks to preservatives and stuffs. There’s a reason why I am missing from the gatherings, well…. you’ll know when you see it.

Long Hair

From this photo, my hair that time was long. Well, those days, the long hair was the trend, even the middle parting which I had been using since the days of High School. Those days during my secondary school, it was a common trend where almost all guys have this Aaron Kwok hairstyle.

Aaron Kwok Old Hairstyle

One thing about stars and celebrities, people tend to follow them. Then when he started changing his hairstyles, people followed through. So you get people ditching their long hair styles for shorter ones.

Short Hair Aaron Kwok

Then suddenly you have to hand it over to certain people. ‘They’ started a new trend and suddenly everyone’s cutting their hair shorter or some go to the extreme of getting their hair longer. Take for example the picture below.

Long Hair

Impressive? Or some people call it LALA mode? Well, I decided to be different though. That’s the reason I’ve been avoiding trips and such. Just look at this.

danielctw hair

Now that’s why I’ve been avoiding the public for awhile. Looks like “Dai Gor” only with this kind of hair cut and look.


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