Stalker or a Fan of Blog

Weird, very weird. It was a month ago that it happened. I was in the LRT on my way back home, when I suddenly got approached by someone I don’t recall at all. This was how the conversation goes. Let’s call the person AS (Ahemz… that’s short form for Aoi Sora).

Aoi Sora Wished Me
Ahahaha.. like Aoi Sora will suddenly appear!
Sidenote: By the way you can follow Aoi Sora’s twitter here.

AS: Hello
… I first was looking elsewhere then I turned sideways then I pointed to myself. She nodded...
Me: (Being polite I obliged) Oh hello.
AS: Sorry to disturb you. My name is Miko. I saw from afar you look familiar then I realized, are you Daniel Chew?
Me: Errr.. yes. I am Daniel. (Actually thinking how to react, maybe a scam or stalker.. lol) Why?
AS: Oh, it’s you. Can I take a photo with you?
Me: (Still puzzled, also just after office hours, I am a bit blur) Oh okay.
AS: Yay.. (proceeds to take out compact camera and camwhore pose) Thank you. Nice blog.

Then I saw her getting down the next station.
After like a few seconds then only I came to my senses. Oh, she knew me because of my blog. Hold on a second, wait… what just really happened? I just got recognized by someone I don’t really know. Then before I could understand anything, she just left the LRT.

Blur Daniel Chew

What a weird day that was. I was clueless and I believe I have a stalker or a fan. My mind was running backwards to think of anything. Anyway, after few seconds, I gave up (hahaha.. yes, kinda lazy to use so much brainpower after office hours) then I just take it that she’s just some blogger who happens to meet another blogger.

Well this has got to be the most random meet up for me. Wonders what will happen in the future. Weird world we live in eh?

If you people wanted the real way of how the real conversation goes with broken English (roughly composed back), then here is the brokenized version of it

AS: Hello
Me: Oh, hello.
AS: Soli ah.. kacau u. I think I see you before oh. You are Daniel Chew right? My name Miko..
Me: Ohhhh,ahhh Miko. Yes, I’m Daniel. Why oh?
AS: Ahahaha… sorry ah.. paiseh oh. Can take photo with you ah?
Me: Oh ok.
AB: *click*. Your blog very nice oh. Thank you take photo with me ah, my station reach jor lor. Bye bye.

Somehow I can’t really recall how the conversation actually really goes. Anyway if Miko is a loyal supporter of my blog, I would like to thank you for reading Weird Weird Denial. I promise will write more nicer post in the coming future. To the loyal readers of this blog, I must say I owe you people the traffic in order for my blog to be where it is now.

Thank you and by the way Happy Holidays and Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrates.


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