Back To Basketball

It’s approaching once more. The game which I used to excel in Secondary School! Well, come to think of it, I excel in lots of sports during my schooling years. School Rep for Badminton, Basketball, Ping Pong… hmm… most of them are ball games. hahaha

Nice Day

Well, just hope the weather would be fine when I really do get to go play basketball with a few of my close friends. It relishes the time when we ‘ponteng’ just to play basketball instead of studying haha..

Basketball Game

Sometimes basketball is not all about winning or losing, is the fellowship amongst your friends. Not only basketball, most games involved getting together to enjoy the game each of us love to play. Take for example, my dad still actively plays badminton twice a week. Well, what to do, badminton is in his blood, though I can’t emulate his feat of being school and state champion during his younger days. Also can’t believe he coached Foo Kok Keong before 0.o.

Block Lay Up

Back to basketball, I used to like dribbling countlessly, trying to attack in a fast paced way. Then lay-ups are commong during those times. Fancy shots. Now it seems all so hard to do. I can’t jump as high as last time. Craps, even my brothers are higher jumpers now. Must be working too much in office that makes me all suddenly ‘old’.

So what about a shot of a lay-up amateur style, I know I know, I’ve lost my touch. Arghhhhh….

Basketball Layup

You just wait and see when I do get my skills back. I am so gonna be involved more into sports and most probably hit back to the gym to gain muscle mass again. Darn, getting lazy since after college.


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