Craving For Beans

While during my younger days, I have been known as someone who can helped people finish their food. That explains why I have this high metabolism rate and why after eating a lot, I am still the same size as ever. Which at time makes me look weird.

It somehow symbolizes me akin to Mr Bean from The Mr Bean show.

danielctw with mr bean

Hmmm.. well, though this isn’t the craving I am talking about. Somehow it links doesn’t it. I used to love eating anything sweet and what more can one have like Jelly Beans. Haha.. sorry Mr Bean for putting you out of the limelight.

Jelly Beans

Jelly beans are definitely different from my normal candies that I eat when I felt like it. Oh yeah, speaking of jelly beans, I remember someone likes to eat those for lunch and dinner. *shocked*

These days I buy lots of my stuffs online, with the first going to my camera remote and also some ebooks on Programming, CSS. Well, though I must really try to buy food online. LOL..

I personally like weird weird color types like the blue jelly beans. Though somehow it looks a lot like the blue pill Viagra. Huh?? You didn’t know Viagra was blue? Hahaha.. there’s always the Internet. Oh I always though Jelly beans weren’t that big, but now there are bigger jellybeans. As BIG as a MARBLE.

Here’s the picture of the Blue Jellybean.

Blue JellyBean

Blue Giant JellyBeans…. okay, it’s 6:37am in the morning. I must be crazy and now getting very very hungry just looking at all this jellybeans. But but but… if you seriously wanted to know which site does sell Jellybeans online, you can go to that said website and buy it in bulk. Oh yeah, don’t forget my share if you know me.

ps : To those in Perth, you people remember to buy back some jelly beans for me


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