Today Trip To Pulau Redang

danielctw on a holiday vacation
It’s finally here. My long awaited vacation. Free from work, free from phone calls by clients, free from old aunties and uncles around my workplace.

Say yay to leng luis on the beach, swimming pool and maybe japanese girls who always go to the island there to dive. Yes….I am off to Pulau Redang tonight at 10pm by bus. Will reach there by Friday morning. So what will happen to Weird Weird Denial. No more updates for these 4 days?? Ya… sad to say, yeah. Cause if the owner’s on vacation, how the heck anything can be posted. Duh… this also let’s me refresh my mind ma…

He he he…. though I will miss you all veli much one.. so don’t worry. Promise will come back with photos for people to see ga.. (no DSLR T_T) . So if who go Redang also can message me here before I leave then can meet up there. Suddenly I can feel the wind from the sea, the smell of sea water, the sound of the waves hitting my face. WAHAHA… evil leh… make you all jealous..
*fast fast hide later scared u all take parang*

Pulau Redang
The island is waiting for me today >_<

Morray eels
My friend again, the morray eel!

Clown Fish
I am back to see my Nemo

So relax for this 5 days, and remember to come and visit Weird Weird Denial for upcoming photos after that. Thanks…


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