It’s Monday Once Again

Why is it that everytime when Monday comes on the week, we all feel dreadful. Yes, I feel dreadful too. Kinda weird too, my eyes are not seeing very clearly like it used to. I think if I ever look in front of the monitor more than I should then it’s gonna get haywire.

Funny though I am now typing not looking at keyboard as I wanted to rest my eys. So I am closing my eyes while typing this so called lenghty crappy post. It’s another way to relax one’s eyes and focus on the brainpower. Yup, I have brains ok… Well, it’s been awhile since I put up something random. It also looks like I won’t be going to Redang Island this coming weekend.

Hopefully later I can be back for my basketball game. Yes… gonna start basketball again after a month’s rest or rather 1 and a half month’s rest. When Monday comes, we all hope for Tuesday to arrive. Then Wednesday is the time to enjoy. While the remaining Thursday and Friday is more like rush your work and finish it in order to enjoy the weekends. Yes… that’s what I feel most of the time.

Sad to say, in the field of programming, there’s no ending to work. But at least it’s not mundane. I’ve been studying on weekends nowadays and yes, been tinkering with wordpress php commands. Yes, kind of a bit of hack for those slow moving categories and stuffs. If you’re observant enough, you’ll noticed the difference. When can ‘pang kang’ (off work)?? Fast fast, and boy… am I hungry right now. Gotta find food again.. Cya peeps….


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