Design Weirdly While Waiting

The next post of Redang is now finally here, oh…. wait…. it’s NOT?? Oh sorry my mistake. I am still having Post Redang Fever. Drat… Well, since I have been spending most of my time at home, wondering about the complications of life and when is my next pay coming in from, I decided to sit down and live a life of a normal IT person who loves to dwell further into the topic of Information Technology.

Well, in short, I am looking up on web designing. Well, not the average web design but one which should comply with XHTML, CSS standards instead of the evil <table>, <font> tags which isn’t Web 2.0 friendly.

Blur as to what it means, then I wouldn’t blur you further but introduce you as to what I’ve been checking on these past few days.

Proposed New Blog Design

My mind is now full of <div> tags which is making me confused. Well, hopefully it’ll be a fruitful completion of a good design. Oh by the way, I have increased the length of this blog’s content to 1024pixels, so I am sorry for those who are still in the 800×600 view, I recommend the 1024 wide view. With this add-on too, my Nuffnang ads that’s situated at the top can now occupy one space at the top without affecting the design.

I think I had enough of blabbering, time for my other projects. My dad thinks I am working and studying in the wrong field. While my mum only has this question in her mind, “So when going to introduce a girl to me”..

My response : *numb* *silent* (Silence is Golden)

So any available candidates out there for me to silence my mum.


Anyway I have here A PICTURE, can you find anything WEIRD on this photo (do not count me as weird).

Something Is Wrong With This Photo

Well, I am looking forward to your comments. Who knows, what might happen in the next time (or what can one reap).


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