Funny Office Prison

When you think you have finally finished something… then you think “Oh Yeah!!! I am finally free of work BWAHAHAHAH!!”..yup, that’s what we all think when we were in college. Free to go for holiday, free to go to cyber cafe. Ha ha ha.. But when you’re in the office, you’ll dread to see suddenly there are more task to be done. Your superior calls you into the office and gives you a nudge on the msn or sends to you an email regarding some new tasks or projects. =.=”

HORROR-nya…. Reminds me of the song

I wanna cry
I wanna fly…etc etc

But then too bad can’t fly….
Well if you’re in this case, I am sure you feel, oh no I am trapped in office. Is like a prison to me. But then it’s not like you can’t make it into a weird kind of look to get yourself comfortable in jail HAHA…
Here’s how one can be so happy in this ‘PRISON

Please Release Me From Here

So how do one get out from this kind of environment? You don’t, just live with it.

But wait wait…I’ve got something coming on the following week. Yes….danielctw will be running away to some island in Terengganu. Redang Island here I come with my Scuba Diving gear!!

Jealous Eh…..This is Really Me

ps: This only applies if one doesn’t quit BWAHAHAA… but then where’s your next income coming from?


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