goal the dream?

maciam writing all your dreams into one paper and throwing into a dustbin. after many throws sure will masuk once kan?


sorry. i am so lost between reality and dreams. dreams can turn into reality but sometimes with the harshness of reality, dreams remain as dreams. yes who doesn’t know this. yet how many take actions towards this. this is such a common topic but yet the debate goes strong thanks to all kinds of people who exist!!

i love people: D we make life interesting no?

anyway, sometimes i get confused between goals and dreams. i mean, goals are what you want to achieve in the end of the day. so if you place your dreams as “achievable goals” isn’t that the same? i mean if you define “i want to be immortal” as a goal. that is unachievable and thus it becomes a dream too right? okay that was ridiculous but i needed something extreme to prove it. *laughs* my friend said “well, bulat-chan. it is up to you how you want to define it is.”

-_- wth.

so now i am going to talk bout my dreams. since most people i assume actually do not really know their dreams/goals.

some people have just one. some have many. whether it happens in the end is a different story. like my jap teacher she has like gazillion and one. she never fails to amuse us with her
“go italy(or some country) to study at 40”*gasp*
“i want to be a singer at 50” *GASP* the class went.
“ballroom dancer at 60” *GASP again*
“world traveling at 70” by now all half pengsan-_-

she said “one must have dreams to move on in life”

now i am gonna announce that

*one* of my dreams. one of them. i too have gazillion dreams since she made us make them *laughs* i thought i was gonna die during oral test the other week when she ask “so what’s your dream”

I am going to join Amazing Race. ROAR* << pretend it is in LARGE FONTS. i am HTML stupids-_-


what ceh!!!! it is really one of my ultimate dream/goal to get in and race!!!: D: D: D

i am feeling the adrenaline rush already!!!!!! Oh my God..!!! who is up to join me for next year’s intake?!!!

*puppy eyes*

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