The Destiny Poetry

OK I found out some old poetry that I wrote long time back. So I decided to post it here. Wonder whether one understands it.

The Destiny Poetry's beach dreams
My Destiny

The Destiny Poetry

Nearby the seaside
Beneath the sunlight
I see a beam of hope
Flowing thru me

What was I to do for myself?
What am I to people?
Where will my destiny be?
Who will be there to lift me up?

The thoughts I wondered
A measure so deep
It’s hard to know
What’s really in for me

Seeing myself once more
Swaying to and fro
Never ever realising
My path is straight ahead
The path that leads me on
Before on the wrong track
That leads me on and on

The time has now come
To decide your open hope
Soaring above the skies
With a love so bright

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