Just can’t stop dreaming Weird

I believe that my dreams are telling me something, that is to not play around but focus on doing something you like and always been dreaming of.

Funny though is that now no more those Adventure dreams where I used to be some assassin, kung fu guy fighting, kicking and annihilating people. Now I am always being a worker or a normal citizen going thru life’s problem thinking how to solve certain situations of work stuffs. Then some scenarios which are funny is when there’s this dream of laptop being left on the whole time in someone’s house, I was like OMG, he doesn’t even on the fan and his place is just heat up like a sauna. What The!! Is gonna fry! So be it, then I woke up. ZA DAO

Anyway meeting’s coming right up from a customer based in Indonesia. Haha..new projects again. Just hope everything goes as smooth as the rest. Wish me luck ya

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  1. Josephine July 28, 2006

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