Namewee is Back

Short Note
It’s time to tell the people around that not everything is as it seems. Sometimes we have to look between the lines. You shouldn’t take what people say as reality. The same as you read your lawyer’s letter.

Who is Namewee?? Hahaha!! Don’t you people know the famous rap singer who sang the Muar Chinese and the so called “controversial” Negarakuku song? Well, one thing good, is that he will be out with a new cd. Well, based on his latest youtube video.

Huh??? Really??? Just see it for yourself

Rock on!!! or rather RAP on! Oh BTW, he just doesn’t only sing rap. One of his songs, the ????? (ke ai de nv hai) is also one song sang pretty well). Cool!!! Who says you need to be a Malaysian Idol to be a World Performer!!


  1. Adelene August 28, 2007
  2. Ichitaka August 28, 2007
  3. ahlost August 28, 2007

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