I Wish – Jolin

It’s not easy being what I am? I am weird, I am not ordinary. I am just danielctw.

I am so obsessed with Jolin. What Jolin?? Who’s Jolin?? Her past post on her HERE

I’ve written about a few Jolin post on this bloggie so I think it’s high time to talk again about Jolin. Well, the most recent concert was last year 2006. Heard it was a racket. I was overseas that time, I can’t make it to her concert.

Speaking about concert, the only concert so far which I’ve worked as a crew member was for Gareth Gates, Pop Idol placing number 2 for dunno which year. Well, it all started out when one of my friends invited me for this job. It was indeed a whole new experience for me. Well during that time, I was still in college which I think was year 2003. I can even go backstage. Man… I really need a backstage pass for some more concerts. So when’s Jolin’s next concert? =P


  1. Huei March 28, 2007
  2. danielctw March 29, 2007

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