Scandals of Tammy NYP

I don’t know why people are so upbeat about the recent handphone video scandal of a young Singaporean poly student. Yes, knowingly, there are many “ham-sup” (hentai, perverted) people looking to find for this poor girl’s movie clip and pictures. I pity her & yes, there are no clips to download over here.

One thing to know though is how hurtful can someone get when they distribute one’s privacy. Let’s not talk about privacy then, how about the moral laws of one person. Many people mentioned mentioned about Tammy, but what happened to that guy? Isn’t he in NS? What action was taken.

Warning : Because of this recent scandal, there is even a chance website money maker who just registered a website and that site has rose up to the highest on most search engines for Tammy. How low can one get??? I’ve got nothing to say regarding this.

Perhaps my hits will also rocket sky high at the mentioned of tammy, tammy nyp, tammynyp, tammy youTube.


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