Relationship is Tough

What makes a relationship so easy? So you think being in a relationship is easy eh? Well, with the story lines of fairy tale stories and also with Japanese mangas and animes spoiling our thoughts all on relationships. Sad to say, all the happy endings that one see in comics, fairy tales doesn’t apply at all, and being in a relationship is not all about being lovey dovey and how nice to meet with each another.

Well, if you’re reading this and still in the studying stage, you might not agree with me, as you love company and the feeling of having someone alongside you. But but but… times change, and suddenly one day you’re out there working your ass off, trying to gain that extra moolah (money) for the benefit of your usefulness. Then in the relationship, not everything is as easy as it seems. This time being in a relationship is not about being lovey dovey and go out to super class dinners, etc. One have to be concerned about the other party as to whether this is the person who one can rely to be the lifetime partner.

There are people who contradict with me, saying, well time might change a person, but if that person has always been saying that ever since they are single and in the same relationship, I wonder if it will ever work. Take for example, how many of you have ever fulfilled some of the New Year resolutions, always wanted to learn something or achieve something which is possible but then took the long long time and some don’t even do anything about it.

Now why is relationship tough?
Now let me break down in simple simple sentences.

It is tough because you care for the relationship to grow and not just let bygones be bygones. You want the relationship to succeed, and in order to achieve that, both must have a goal for that relationship.

It is tough because taking into account your financial and status, everything in this world come at a price. You can’t expect next time to be a full time house wife(female) if the financial security isn’t enough. Don’t just wished for it, think about it instead.

It is tough because when in a relationship, people tend to overlook the little things that might affect them due to all the love they receive that when they realised it too late, love on it’s own is not going to help in sustaining the physical and material needs of a successful relationship.

Guessed time changes everything. Now we’re living in a city, a city, a metropolitan to some, of course, the cost also will increase. So it’s the truth and cruel world out there. So now you know, what can you do then. I’ve taken my step to ensure that I am well equipped in the mean time, what about you ๐Ÿ™‚


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