Shocking Loss For BN

The election has ended. It was a tired night the night before, hardly getting enough sleep waiting for the results. These are the aftermath after the elections which I surprisingly mentioned about. Surprised, this year was an interesting one compared to the other previous elections. My friends overseas tend to talk about Malaysia’s election saying it’s one of the most uninteresting election to follow. But looks like these year has really shocked the whole nation and the world. With Barisan Nasional(BN) losing it’s 2/3 majority, it’s like a whole new thing.

I predicted that at least Penang and Kelantan would be gone. Surprisingly, BN maintained a foothold onto Terengganu which they won in a majority. What really happened in this part?

Party Colors


First, who would have expected that Penang and Kelantan was taken by both DAP/PKR and PAS respectively with a major landslide victory, or to some of them, like a tsunami over Barisan Nasional. I meant, previous term, Kelantan was nearly won by BN and Penang was never under threat the previous term.

Secondly, big guns are missing from the seats these time around. With faces like Samy Vellu, Dr Koh Tsu Khoon, Shahrizat all missing and losing their respective seats. The term before this has seen the opposition faced a similar defeat with Hadi Awang losing his and the term before that with both Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh losing theirs. Looks like BN now instead are on the losing end.

Thirdly, Barisan Nasional was so sure the votes are going to come in and they are even opportunistic that they would try to get Kelantan into the Barisan Nasional territory only to see it all go down to drain. The once impregnable fortress of Barisan Nasional in Johore has now been breached with one parliament seat going to the opposition. To think that the opposition has at least one parliamentary seat in all the states except in Perlis (3 Parliament Seats only in Perlis).

Finally, a takeover of at least 5 states altogether. The surprise wasn’t Penang or Kelantan with predictions that this year these states would go to them, but it was the loss of Perak and Kedah that has got the BN rolling their eyes. The worst setback was the one involving the loss of Selangor into the hands of the opposition. A major setback considering Selangor has been one of BN’s stronghold. With the losses of these states, BN was denied a 2/3 majority.


Analysis on this scenario, I will first and foremost make my reader understand that this analysis is based on word of mouth, the internet and also the observation of a Malaysian like myself. Well, the Internet is there to speak our minds, so this is where I come in too.

Previously, BN portrays a new leadership under Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi a.k.a. Pak Lah during it’s previous term. During that time, BN deserved a new high majority victory. With a new ruling and a new horse in power, many people voted for BN then. The case isn’t the same now though. The corruption is one of the main reasons. Ministers being caught for buildings, Chief Judge case and also the voices of certain parties in the parliament has all sparked some criticism from the public.

To make the matter worse, the so called minister that have been deemed guilty for not obtaining a permit has been given a lease by not getting a penalty. Now picture this, what would the voters say, fair government or just plain close one eye. The emergence of Hindraf has also brought the fall of the party. With Samy Vellu, Kayveas and his secretary both failing to win their seats, my main observation would be the involvement and handling of the Hindraf issue.

Seeing judgement as not fair in the eyes of the public, it is to no wonder that the public has created an outcry that they should vote for a change of leadership. The opposition parties though have used this to their greatest advantage garnering the votes of the voters.

I believe that the voters are angry and fed up of all the treatment the government are giving to these certain individuals. Maybe it’s time to wake up. My guess is in these times, BN would be thinking of what ever went wrong. Why did the votes shifted wind this time?


So what comes next? With new leadership comes new responsibilities for the leaders of the acquired 5 states. The people has shown their faith in them, let’s hope they do better than what they always say they would do. In the coming 4 to 5 years, the public is the eye of these people. I believe too that BN wouldn’t sit down and look at it anymore, and enjoying their previous majority wins like ever, it’s really going to be a think tank battle.

Altogether is bound to be something new for Malaysian history. Let’s wait and observe, the people of Malaysia.
Remember it’s not the government that makes the people, it’s the people that makes the government. 🙂


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