Election and Voting in Malaysia

“Let the Voting Begin”

My SPR vote paper

Since I am a VIRGIN voter, I was least expecting like lots of crowd to be going for the voting session. Now now now… I meant, I had a chance to vote the last election only for me not registering myself to vote. Being a Malaysian, and because I understand politics now compared to then, I must say voting as a Malaysian is something one should be proud of. This is the time where anyone can exercise their rights and to choose the representatives of their area.

Banners Everywhere of Political Parties

It’s a 2 way battle in my place with only BN (Barisan Nasional) vs Keadilan/PAS. Whatever the result, I am actually voting them based on who they are and not the party. I mean, why vote someone who is in the party but have little credentials. So it’s a wise thing. Basically I don’t go for what party they are as long as they serve the place I live in with full of enthusiasm and no more foul play. Though my cheeky brother has another way of making his decisions.

Bro : I will vote who is the most leng zai here!!
Me : *sweats* Your way of making decision really gives me headaches.

So it’s already the end of voting time when this post hits life on the blogosphere. Like some saying says, It’s the government who should fear the people, not the people fear the government. V from Vendetta I guessed.

Seriously sometimes I wonder what it feels like being in politics. My mum always say that being in politics is dirty work, but that’s what some people say about lawyers too. Well, if I ever do get inspired to be a politician, I wonder who will ever want to vote someone who looks younger than all the people on the voting bench.

Vote Me
OK I Look to Formal in Here!!!


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