New Year 2009 Goals

Year 2008 has been a very queer and weird year for me. In this year, I’ve practically left the comfort of my 3 years of working in the same company and then without realizing has been in 3 different companies until I stayed where I am now. It was also the year that I decided that I should start being more and more adventurous.

Thus approaching the middle of the year around April to June 2008, a few activities were lined up and I am glad I did. Yes, I know people don’t call me weird for a reason.

Lows Peak Summit Reached

One of the most important history was that I climbed the highest mountain in South East Asia at Mount Kinabalu. By doing so I am on top of all he clouds. The only thing I regretted was how slow I climbed up to reach the peak. The sun’s up too. Now wasted, no sunrise photo from me. Well, something which I might be thinking of more in the future.

It was also the first time, I am glad to have able to gathered a few people to go on a trip to Redang Island practically with a group of bloggers from the chatbox ShoutOutLounge. To think that I’ve only got to know most of them on July 2007 and by 2008 a trip to Redang Island was made possible.

ShoutOut Group Photo

To think it all began from a chatbox, I must say it really does augur to me well that more trips to be looked upon. Well, I guessed that’s all the trip I could cover due to the unavailability of leaves during the year 2008.

But back then during January 2008, I remembered that I had created a sort of a crazy and weird kind of a resolution which was to be a celebrity blogger just like Kenny Sia. Yup, it was one heck of a crazy idea but well, about the outcome, hmmm.. not as close at all.

DanielCtw on Newspaper

Now, how can I not forget this dream, but boy, I look like an amateur blogger with no sense of blogging at all. Well, I must say I have a lot to learn to even bother to know how to serve the readers and bloggers out there. But just in case you know, I ain’t no Kenny Sia because each person has their own blogging style. I am what I am, Weird Weird Denial.

To think it all began so funnily, I must say, the year 2008 has also brought upon more photos of me posing with my signature pose ever since I started my style of posing. People always say smile at the camera, I always say, Look Cool at the camera. Don’t believe me, you can try it the next time. (of course, in due time, those poses are very rare due to influences by certain people who made me pose in a cuter way…. )

Cool Pose Daniel

Yes, signature pose of this flies way back to Year 2006 I supposed when I first gave the public a glimpse of this blogger name Daniel Chew or more known as danielctw but now looking back at how my blog has changed its course of direction really baffles me. People change don’t they, well, I hope I changed for the better though. Ahhh… now, those shades were gone though, broke it in Redang Island. Dang…

Now what about this year, I guessed instead of being long winded, I can summarized what I am aiming for (blindlessly) with these photos.

Aaron Kwok Old Hairstyle

Last But Not Least……… I am going for this….. ultimate new year 2009….
Wa Tahhhhhhh~~~~~~

Bruce Lee Stance

I was a Bruce Lee fanatic during my primary school years, so many more months to come. Wonder how will the people responses be if I were to appear like that. Hahaha with all three combined..

By the way welcome year 2009 and may this year be the year I finally learnt my lesson. May this year 2009 also brings me what other adventures that will be.


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