Friendster Cafe Crab

It all happened during that day, February 14th 2008 ( woops…… maybe it’s 12th) . No no no.. didn’t go out for any date, it was a group gathering amongst shouters in Fatty Crab and also in Friendster Cafe. Well, one in PJ another in Damansara. Woo hoo… though I must say I regretted going to Fatty Crab earlier!! Not that I don’t want to, but I couldn’t with the jam killing me. ARGH!!!!

Fatty Crab Leftovers

I arrived when they’re about to finish, so I was left with leftovers. Dang… I will go there again some day… and this time it’ll be my turn to evilly enjoy the food there. But just so that we don’t waste our time just sitting in Fatty Crab near Taman Megah, a few of us went to Friendster Cafe.

Friendster Cafe

What do we have there???

Almond Coffee Friendster Coffee
AlvinC’s Almond Coffee

Yes, it was okay. I love almond nuts and anything with almond but but…. the above is not mine. Mine not that nice looking so I used the above photo. Actually I am stupid to not know what I drank. I guessed I shouldn’t write too much lengthy words but let the pictures do the talking.

Crazy Shouters Camera

I cannot imagine they can non-stopped taking photos. Oh ya… guessed who is new in the photo above. Also guessed who’s old in the photos too. LOL!!! *runzzzzzz*


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