Feelings Cafe Wangsa Maju

Yes, it was a few weeks ago, that I had this group gathering at Feelings Cafe. Feelings Cafe was one of the first few cafe with singers to perform that started in Wangsa Maju. Yes, nowadays though you have tonnes and tons of cafes with life band music around Wangsa Maju.

Not that those who are in Cheras will shout out aloud since they have it like a few years ago. The only thing good about this place is that Feelings Cafe is so near my location and they have a good team of singers.

Feelings Cafe Music

Alright, maybe it was due to the girl singing and the pretty looks. But one thing that really got me thinking was the guy with the guitar look somewhat similar with someone most Malaysians know. Have a closer look….

Namewee Lookalike

Is that Namewee???? OMG… in case you’re wondering. He looks exactly like Namewee a.k.a Wee Meng Chee (黄明志). Some people even took the trouble to request 麻坡的華語 (Muar Chinese) song for the group to sing. How ironic can it be =_=”. Though lucky no one requested Negarakuku.

Wee Meng Chee, he has his own blog at Namewee.blogspot.com. Now everyone starts singing, “I am the King of Daoban“.

ps : ya… I am a fan of his.. LOL
pss : Correction made on his blog link…


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