Cows Go Moo, Daniel Go Mooooneeey

Finally after some relaxation and off from work, Daniel is back again on his feet and eating chinese new year cakes and biscuits. Heeee… yeah, I was a bit unwell before the Lunar New Year, must be the power of the OX in me.

Ox New Year

Alright I think it was due to the fact that I am at home and back at home town with all the fresh air and stuffs that got me to be back to where I am now, a healthy young man. To celebrate this time, I’ve got myself a new template with the realization to celebrate the Lunar New Year. It’s a bit reddish, a bit pinkish (OMG..) but it’ll do for the new year. So what do you all have in mind for the new year? More gambling? More beer? More alcohol? I just bully my cousins..

Where was I? Oh… being the Chinese/Lunar New Year 2009, as every year, I was in Malacca city again to visit my relatives and friends and of course to enjoy the Nyonya food. Well, I come from a Baba Nyonya lineage so it’s definitely nyonya food.

Itik Tim

One of my favorite is the ‘Itik Tim‘ (Duck Sour Soup) which is one of the classic soup I get to drink every year. Hmm.. in short it’s a soup with duck meat and ‘ham chai‘ (Sour Vegetables) which is one of a delicacy of the Nyonya food.

Until then, to all readers and jumpers and visitors of Weird Weird Denial, I want to wish to all those celebrating this festive season a very very happy and ‘ang ang’ Happy Niu 牛 Year 2009!!

Niu Year 2009


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