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The Chinese are back to work this week, or rather gamble in the office

Back with a pow, ang pow, hung pow, or rather Kung Pow?? Well, it seems the title is a bit misleading, well for starters I am still in the Chinese New Year mood and what a way to like celebrate this New Year with a kick at the cow/bull/ox luck to bring me good fortune and health and errr… a new camera body and also happiness.

Yes, been in a lot of complicated things these few days and I guessed it shouldn’t be an excuse for me being absent in the blogosphere. Hmm.. that’ll be 2 weeks. Thus I have to make do with loss times and what better day to do it then today. Oh a few days back before the whole auspicious Chinese New Year day arrived, I had to listen to Chinese Orchestra. Well, then perhaps my eyes was fixed to a certain player there. Hehehe…

Chinese Orchestra

Well, red border for the mood. So there are 5 of them but which one caught my eye. Let’s narrow it down to 2 of them.

Er Hu and Chinese String

So which one? By the way, no prize will be given for those who guessed correctly. Besides this isn’t even a competition. Yes, the sound of the chinese orchestra. Oh by the way, who can identify the 2 instruments they are playing. I only know one of them. The only thing though that will be missing is if someone doesn’t learn to play the instruments, in the coming future, there will be no more of these musicians. Okay, enough of the orchestra feel but officially I haven’t actually welcomed the visitors of Weird Weird Denial officially with a proper welcome. Yup, the previous one was just a super short summary and felt it wouldn’t be more of a post.

Somehow I don’t really know if this is the year of the Bull, Ox or Cow since the chinese pronounciation is ‘niu’ ็‰› which can also mean COW. I thought why not do something different every year and since this is the year of the Ox/Bull/Cow year, I need to find a cow to pose with. Though most of them usually ended up on the butcher’s table. Pretty darn hard to find one live cow in the city.

Hopefully though that I don’t go running into one of those cows that suddenly wanted to fight me, that I have to give my best to stay alive.

Danielctw Kung Pow

The Mark of Year 2009 – The Day Daniel Kicks The Cow To Get His ‘Ong‘.ย  Now what more can I say, I felt this year, lesser Ang Pows (economy bad), more questions and queries from relatives regarding ‘when you gonna get married and give angpow’ and more sleep required. Chinese New Year is much more special this year though, cause I finally got myself something to wear this year. Would like to look more traditional and this is the only piece I got.

Once again, wished everyone here A Happy Chinese New Year 2009, get your Ang Pows, Health, Wealth and Prosperity. So I am signing off, with a Gong Hei Gong Hei Fatt Choy!!!

Gung Hei Fatt Choy

My hair was done on purpose to look traditional. Duh…..


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