Google PR October 2007

Yes, it might seem a little weird, but yes, Google some how messed with the PR of sites and looks like most of them are seeing their PageRank dropped instead of going up.

Google Page Rank

It’s a wicked thing. I mean my previous blog of dropped from PR3 to PR2.

Here are other notable sites dropped to PR3 dropped to PR2

I was like shocked to see their sites dropped in PR. Well, don’t know whether it was a bug or some kind of error in the Google network themselves. But just hope that it was just a feisty bug happening. Well, if there are any news on the new PR update, I’ll have it up in a jiffy.

News flash
For some after looking through a few sites, some has suggested that Google has indeed started a war amongst site that sells Paid Links. Well, those who have done PPP, Smorty, etc might be facing this ever excruciating problem.

One thing though, aside from those sites having their PR dropping, it doesn’t seem likely for other sites which doesn’t do paid post also having their Page Rank dropped before their eyes.

Looks like it’s still in the hot soup as to whether this new Page Rank algorithm is something still in testing period. Many have voiced their concerns over this issue with me on MSN Messenger. Yes, it really seems like a big hoo-haa coming just from Google itself.

With the speculation going on about PR was dropped due to paid post for selling out paid links, maybe it’s time that all blogs will have to like kill the desire to do paid posting. Google has indeed gives us too much thing to think.

Here’s some discussion in a forum and a site regarding this Page Rank update for October.
Tool Bar PR dropped by factor of 1

So let’s hope it was a flaw in the google update system and pray that it’ll end up well as the Google Prediction software we’re all using!


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