Weird Page Ranking

Yes, it’s the continuation of the Google Page Rank saga series. It amazes me that all because of a page ranking, it creates a lot of havoc. That’s why, when you’re at the top, you’re able to monopolize the market.

Anyway, why is it a weird page ranking. Yes, funny thing is that, blogs that do not get update overtime and time suddenly has their PR goes up to PR2, take for instance most blogspot blogs. Hmm… maybe it’s just me or maybe Google has rank them using on what is more PRO-google thus getting a higher Page Rank.

We already experienced the previous topsy turvy Page Rank update previously after lots of bloggers and site complained about the recent drop in PR which might lead to other sites that are linking another site to drop too.

Though I think minimum is set on blogger blogs that they can get PR2 with very inactive posts. I am not sure though, new algorithm is making everyone cracking their heads on how Google is practically ranking them. While it really does had an impact on my older site, I must say though that it’s also a blessing for this site, as it rose.

Well, many speculated that this could spell the end of the Page Ranking saga or rather something new will come out from this controversial page ranking. Who knows, what will be next? Alexa Ranking(spoilt), RSS Feed(abused) or unless one such other company, maybe Yahoo or MSN starts doing their own Page Rank application themselves too.

I guessed this page ranking thing will go on until maybe a month or just another week.

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